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Fumpa Pumps

nanoFumpa Bike Pump

nanoFumpa Bike Pump

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The ultimate pocket pump. nanoFumpa will fit in any bag or pocket.

Perfect for:
Commuter bikes, e-bike, low pressure MTB and the weight conscious roadie.

nanoFumpa is the ultimate pocket pump! Its not as powerful as our other two pumps, but it is fantastic to take with you anytime, anywhere. nanoFumpa weighs just 100 grams, and will fit into any bag or pocket. It accepts both Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves and can be fast charged in less than an hour via its USB Type-C port. 

nanoFumpa's maximum pressure is now 110psi, so it has the power to fill any tyre. For the seriously weight conscious road bike user, nanoFumpa can be an option. For a 700x23c tyre, nanoFumpa will fill from 0-90psi in approximately 100 seconds. MTB users, expect 0-30psi after 100 seconds (27.5x2.2"). 

nanoFumpa is also safe to take on an airplane. 

If you are running latex/polyurethane tubes with plastic valve stems (e.g. Tubolito, Schwalbe Aerothan, Pirelli Cinturato etc), then please purchase the Elbow Nozzle Kit with your nanoFumpa pump. The heat generated by nanoFumpa can melt the valve stems. Alternatively, please use metal presta valve extenders on your tubes.

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